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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Phenomenal Touch, Robin Shankman Practitioner


Laura McNamara CNMT, RMT                                               

“Robin has incredible insight into the body and is a very powerful and effective practitioner. She has a well rounded approach to bodywork that is fueled by her love of sustainability and the environment that we all reside in.  Robin has well tuned intuition and makes you feel completely at ease and comfortable during your session.” April 22, 2011

Kaiya Gates  RMT, RCST                                                              

Top qualities: Great Results,  Personable, High Integrity                                 

“Robin is an excellent therapist and I would highly recommend her to everyone.” February 22, 2011

 Deborah Hall

I have had two types of body work with Robin Shankman, and I would say that both times, and both types of work were profound and transformative.

When I had Phenomenal Touch I was quite moved during the session. First of all, it simply feels heavenly and I could tell that there were “stuck” places in my body/mind that were loosening. At the same time, the touch itself and the movements are very intimate and healing. I later realized that I was really in an altered state after the work, and quite a bit of emotional stuff “came up” over the next few days. Wow, a lot was accomplished in a short time!


I recently had Cranial Sacral work with Robin, and I have to say that I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it ahead of time, because I have had Cranial Sacral with a different practitioner years ago and felt that the person simply wanted to work less hard than doing a “real” massage. However, knowing Robin I was willing to take a chance, and having experienced Phenomenal Touch was also encouraging. I wanted to have body work because I had been through some very difficult times for a few months and had a lot of “lessons” that I knew needed to be consolidated in my body. From the first moment that Robin placed her hands on my feet, the experience was amazing. She said to take a breath and feel the energy in my body, not to judge it but just to watch it. I did that and all of a sudden I could “see” a block in the flow of energy near my lower back. Then, as she held her hands on my feet I could “see” the energy trying to go around the block and down my legs, which did happen. Later Robin moved up and held that spot directly. I could feel energy pulsing from her arms into my back and the blockage was slowly disappearing. Then she moved up towards my head and I could sense a blockage in my right shoulder, she worked with energy and removed the remaining blocks. Well, this is a short cut description of a process that is difficult to capture in language. Feeling the energy move in my body and being IN that space to do so was a profound experience for me and one that I have been able to reproduce for myself since that time (though not with the same intensity). I feel very safe with Robin, which I think is necessary in order to open oneself to accomplish transformation and healing.


I have recommended Robin without reservation to other friends and family and they have all been very impressed and grateful for her work.

Deborah Hall  11/09/12




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